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Radford Semele Playing Field Outdoor Gym
Awarded: £30,000

Region: Central

Radford Semele Parish Council is a Parish Council in Warwickshire.

The project has installed outdoor gym equipment on the village playing field. This has enabled young people and adults to exercise and stay active. It has also brought families together because it complements the nearby children’s play area.

The new equipment has encouraged people in the village to become more physically active and it has increased awareness of the need to keep healthy by exercising outdoors. The gym is ideally placed in the centre of the village, close to the local school and shop, and is well used by parents and grandparents who use the gym after dropping children off at school. The equipment has also been used to support fun days and fundraising events on the playing field by encouraging families to exercise together.

“The Radford Semele Neighbourhood Plan adopted in May 2021 incorporates a policy to provide new adult sport and training facilities which were lacking in the village. The successful application to HS2 for a grant has enabled the Parish Council to create a facility for the whole community, providing a range of exercise machines suitable for adults and younger people. 

“The facility is aimed at encouraging more families to visit the playing field to improve their health and wellbeing by exercising outdoors to keep fit. The gym will complement the popular children’s play area on the playing field.”

Radford Semele Parish Council