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Kenilworth is Open for Business 
Awarded: £74,500

Region: Central

Kenilworth Town Council is a Town Council in Warwickshire.

The project has encouraged visitors to Kenilworth and supported local businesses to prosper by creating a higher profile for the town during the HS2 construction works. Kenilworth is now being promoted to national and international visitors as a place to live, learn and work through a short video series.

Kenilworth has developed a stronger digital brand and presence by providing a new website for the town and an enhanced social media profile. The new website highlights reasons to visit Kenilworth, including attractions, events, shops, food and drink and accommodation. A number of trails have also been developed to help people move between attractions and these are available as printed leaflets or digital versions online. Local businesses have also been supported to develop their digital marketing and social media presence through training packages and they will continue to receive ongoing support.

An improved experience for visitors

Overall the project has helped businesses in hospitality and retail to provide an improved experience for visitors to the town. The trails have been particularly popular with visitors and residents alike. The new visual identity, which has been developed, will now be able to be applied to visitor information points and signage across the town and will have a lasting impact on the profile and look of Kenilworth. This is also reflected in the video clips developed through the project, which can be viewed by visitors and enquirers and also used by local businesses such as estate agents to encourage people to locate in Kenilworth. This has given a boost to the pride of the town.

“The project has not only helped to promote the town and local businesses during the disruptions caused by the early phases of HS2 construction, it has also supported the development of a new visual identity and style for the town which will endure long after the project is finished. The project has enabled the Town Council to build its relationships with local businesses and look forward to post pandemic recovery with confidence that Kenilworth is a great place to live, work, visit and study.”

Kenilworth Town Council